Nuestro Menú.

Special Lunch

Potato russian salad with prosciuto and hearts palm
Chicken Caesar salad
Veggie Canelones
Potato noquis with bolognesa
4 empanadas of your choise
Spanish potato tortilla
Ham and chesse omellet
Grill dark chicken with side
Chicken parmesan
Grill chicken breast
Cheese burguer with sides
Grill picanha steak 8 oz
Special pork chop


Sausage or blood sausage
Sweet breaded
Veggie Canelones
Chicken wings (8 pieces barbecue, polinessia or 911)
Calamar rings
Spanish potato tortilla
Shrimp cocktail
Garlic mussel shrimp
Homemade empanada (Beef, chicken, ham and cheese, spinach, cheese and onion)
Garlic roasted peppers

Our Garden

Caesar salad
Chicken Caesar salad
Shrimp Caesar salad
Red tuna salad (Red tuna, quinoa, avocado, rucula y cherry tomato)
Grill veggie salad (Grilled veggie salad, dry fruits, and mix greens)
Angus steak salad - (Steak bites, romaine lettuce, carrots, black olives, red onion, egg)
Burrata salad
Fresh burrata, basil, tomato, boiled egg, beets and rucula

Our Grill

Includes one side: mashed potato, French fries, mix salad or rice.

Skirt 12 oz
Skirt 16 oz
Picanha 12 oz
Ribeye 12 oz
Chicken breast
¼ chicken boneless
Griled mahi mahi 8 oz
Grilled salmon 10 oz

Extra Side

Sweet potato fries
French fries
Soute spinach
Soute broccoli
Russian potato salad
Mashefd potato
Grill veggies
Baked potato

Main dishes

Wild Mushroom risotto
Shrimp risotto
Garlic chicken bocconcino
Wild mushroom chicken (Sparragus mozzarella, mushroom sauce and mashed potato)
Chicken parmesan with spaguetti pomodoro
Lemon salmon with side
Tuna teriyaki with sauce veggie
Special pork chop with side
Breaded steak with side
Breaded chicken with side
Napolitana with side


Chesseburguer with side
Grill chicken sandwich with side
Angus burguer with side (Cheddar, bacon, onion, lettuce y tomato)
Farmburguer with side (Fried egg, avocado, onion, letucce, tomato and onion)


Homemade egg flan
With cream and dulce de leche topping
Mascarpone tiramisu
Homemade brownie with ice cream
Crep with dulce de leche
Icecream (Two scups)